Turkey’s fragile Kurdish peace process, which has been in place with varying levels of success since 2009, effectively ended in June 2015, when both sides resumed hostilities. Since then, hundreds of people — civilians, Turkish soldiers and Kurdish fighters —have been killed, a level of violence that has destabilised the country and strengthened the resolve of the Kurdish separatists.

The exact reason for the breakdown has been buried by contradictory narratives. While the Turkish government has emphasised its growing security concerns, the other side sees the breakdown of talks as a personal, political choice by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Neither version fully explains how and why this historic opportunity for peace crumbled. If Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, are to resume talks in the future, however, it will be important to understand the circumstances of the collapse.3b612d62-226f-11e6-aa98-db1e01fabc0c

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