Friends and other links

Chapman Stick-related links:

Stick Enterprises: Home of the chapman stick and Emmett Chapman

Stick Players’ Forum: The most active chapman stick-related forum online

Emmett Chapman: A website dedicated to the inventor of the Stick.

Greg Howard: You probably learned about the stick after you watched his videos…

Glenn Poorman: Michigan-based chapman stickist, who frequently adopts the looping technique.

Heartstings: Texas-based chapman stick duo

Stickists’ Youtube: Chapman stick channel on Youtube

Another Youtube Stick Group


Onur Erbaş: Ankara-based audio engineer and vocalist

Nurkan Renda: Istanbul-based guitar legend, pianist, vocalist, audio engineer and theorist

Yücel Ünver: Istanbul-based photographer; cousin.

Emine Şahin: Ankara based photography artist

Tayfun Eker: Istanbul-based fine art photo-manipulator

Ozan Alparslan: Istanbul based multi-instrumentalist

Esra Kaya: Istanbul-based vocalist

Cem Tuncer: Ankara-based bass guitarist

Ozan Doğan Arız: Istanbul-based electric guitarist