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  • Chapman Stick audio

    Chapman Stick audio

    Here, you’ll find the audio versions of my chapman stick tunes. Audio-only versions of most of my Youtube videos (including the Celtic Tune) can be found here. *** A Celtic Tune: This seems like everybody’s favourite; you wanted to be able to listen to the mp3 without the video, so here it is! Sabra Girl […]

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  • Classical Guitar works

    Classical Guitar works

    From 2001 demo album ‘Racing with the Horizon’ All songs, instruments, loop programming and arrangement by Akın Ünver Recording Engineer: Volkan Yırtıcı *** Racing with the Horizon Awaiting the Storm Left Unsaid Chrome Chameleon Chronos Part I

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  • Various other recordings

    Various other recordings

    Here you can find lower quality recordings featuring the Ney, electric guitar and chapman stick… These songs were made in 2005 when I had a lower quality home recording equipment. Some ideas to think about in the future.. A ‘taksim’ played with the ‘Ney’ instrument Polar Ignition: A Satriani-esque electric guitar solo song 2011 update […]

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